Five things to know about the interior of the Performax F-Truck

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1. Don’t let the tough appearance fool you. The F-Truck’s interior maybe built to withstand the rigours of the working day, but there’s plenty of comfort and technology waiting under the surface. In Lariat models, you could find heated seats, and for coffee addicts, six cup holders.

2. We think your passengers are worth it. For your safety, Performax ensured that every F-Truck sold has fully functional dual front SRS airbags, and side impact airbags, as well as original Ford seat belts all around (not aftermarket substitutes).

3. The first question people ask when they see it, “Is that a fridge?” The centre console of the F-Truck is so big, two grown men can rest their elbows on the top without touching! As for volume, well if it were refrigerated, you could pack three days’ lunches, plus a six pack.

4. There’s a place for you in the F250/F350 whether you’re five-foot-nothing, or whether you’re a basketball-playing rancher who has to duck to get into the front door. Some F250s come equipped with adjustable pedals (which are retained through the conversion), and combined with the power adjustable seats, there’s ample variations for everyone’s size.

5. Talk about the climate! You may be eating a meat pie – while not driving of course – and you have sauce on your hands. It’s getting hot, and you’d like the air-conditioning a little colder. No problem. Don’t get sauce on the climate controls or the touch screen … just talk to your F-Truck and set the climate control to your preferred temperature. Sorry, no control for the pie’s temperature just yet.

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