Five things to know about the interior of the Toyota Tundra

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1. Airbags appeared in cars in the 1970s, beginning with one for the driver. At the current rate, by 2020, 16 airbags could be standard fare. The Toyota Tundra comes standard with eight airbags – driver and front outboard passenger, side curtain and front seat-mounted side airbags. Also, driver and front outboard passenger knee airbags are standard.

2. At first glance, you may be taken back. But the beautifully finished tan leather seats in the 1794 Limited Edition,complete with velour inserts definitely grow on you. A little bit cowboy, and a little bit leather lounge suite, these seats also give you ventilation and heating as well.

3. Finished a hard session of shooting baskets or nailing roof panels without a ladder? The Tundra can accommodate drivers of longer limb with its electronic thigh support which lengthen the seat at the push of a button.

4. Families with typical Aussie dual cabs rue the day when children grow to be teenagers. Complaints of “no legroom” are sure to come echoing out of the back seat once children hit their teenage years. Not so Tundra drivers. Yes, an American aircraft carrier is big, but so too is the back seat legroom of the Toyota Tundra. Maybe the kids will stay at home longer – who knows.

5. Neck sore from looking over your shoulder when changing lanes? Do you just hit reverse and hope for the best in tight shopping centre carparks? Standard on Performax’s Toyota Tundras is blind-spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert.

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