Five things to know about the Performax F-Truck exterior

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1. Looking for a mirror to check your hair. Does your wife need to apply some lipstick? Haven’t a mirror handy? Look no further than the copious chrome of any F250 Lariat or King Ranch grille. Warning … due to the convex angles you may look a little heavier.

2. Here’s a way to earn a few dollars. Bet your mates $20 that you can step into the back tray of your F250 without jumping. As they look up at the sheer height of the vehicle, and agree to the bet with confidence, open the tailgate, pull out the hidden step (with a capacity of 158 kg), pull down the flip-up grab-bar, and step up with ease.

3. At just over two metres high, the F-Truck will fit not fit in many underground car parks. Just check the height indicators of the car park before you enter.

4. In some ways, Performax vehicles are an improvement on the American models. Take reversing lights. Due to Australian standards, Performax is required to disconnect the reversing lights which are standard within the tail-light cluster of F-Trucks (due to being the wrong colour). To replace them, Performax installs powerful LED lights as standard, which give off much more light.

5. If you get into a tight predicament, the available electrically controlled towing mirrors on the F-Truck can fold inwards, saving you valuable centimetres.

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