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Unparalleled Workmanship

The quality of American cars is steadily rising—and Performax International is easily keeping up. We continuously innovate and improve our existing tools, technologies, and processes to ensure every conversion vehicle we put out is second to none.

We carefully research, design, install, and test every single component and system of every vehicle we work on to ensure original equipment manufacturer-quality output every time.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Scan Arm and CAD

Our engineers use a scan arm to analyse any part of any vehicle—such as an air-conditioning vent or dashboard section—and produce an accurate 3D representation of it.

They then modify this model using a CAD software to make it more suitable for a right-hand-drive application.

All this happens before anything is actually manufactured to minimise costly errors.

3D Plastic Printer 

Once our engineers are happy with the modified 3D model, they print out a plastic prototype of it, which they use for rigorous testing. Only when they’re happy with the results will the final specifications be sent to the production team for manufacturing.

Water Transfer Station

In the event where an internal part of a vehicle requires a creative finish—such as carbon fibre, wood grain, or polished aluminum—our technicians use our in-house water transfer station to achieve it instead of using an external supplier to do it like other workshops do.

Injection Moulding

When it comes to things like plastic trims and right-hand-drive dashboards, we use the exact same injection moulding techniques used by original vehicle manufacturers.

The process involves pumping molten UV-stable plastic into a mould under pressure and then baking it in an oven to prevent shrinkage and ensure factory fit and finish every time.